• Question: I don't have a credit card, can I purchase a Trans-Siberian Express members-only T-shirt with a check or money order?
    • Answer: At this time, we only accept credit cards for payment.
    • Question: How long is a subscription valid for?
    • Answer: Subscriptions currently do not have a set term. If we decide, in the future, to change the membership term, we will inform you via email, so make sure your contact information is up to date through the Account Info Page
    • Question: What are the benefits I receive when I become a Trans-Siberian Express subscriber?
    • Answer: The benefits of a Trans-Siberian Express subscription are explained in detail on the Subscribe page. As well as the special content and offers on the subscriber site and 2016 T-shirt Upgrade.
    • Question: How much does it cost to subscribe to Trans-Siberian Express?
    • Answer: You can join Trans-Siberian Express for free and have access to all of the Members-Only Ticket Pre-sales as well as all Members-Only Content. If you would like to add a T-shirt to your membership, you can either choose the T-shirt offer when you join or Upgrade to add a T-shirt to your existing membership from the Upgrade link that appears at the top right of the page when you are logged in.
    • Question: If you have questions...
    • Answer: Email us by using the Contact Us form on the right side of this page or Call Us at 855-544-9268 (US) / +1-949-333-4825 (International)
    • Question: How do I sign up to Trans-Siberian Express?
    • Answer: Click on the ‘Subscribe’ link at the top of the page (or just click here for the Subscribe page). When you sign up with Trans-Siberian Express, you can choose free membership or membership w/ a T-shirt. Both types of membership entitle you to the full benefits of being a Trans-Siberian Express member such as Ticket Pre-Sales, Protected Media, members only discount offers, exclusive content and more.
Trans-Siberian Express PROFILE
    • Question: How do I edit my profile?
    • Answer: When you are logged in with either a free or paid account, click on the ACCOUNT INFO button at the top of the page. You can update your profile information from there. Note - user names and display names are not changeable, but please make sure to update your email address, mailing address, etc
    • Question: How do I change or request my password?
    • Answer: Go here to request a new password.

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