Winter 2013 Tour Pre-Sale Info

Welcome Back TSO Fans,

This is an exciting year for TSO as it represents our 15th year on the road and there are lots of things happening this season. This will be your last chance to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform “The Lost Christmas Eve.” Due to demand and feedback we have decided to try and make the wait times much more bearable and are going to stagger the Pre-Sale over 3 Days this year. Hopefully this provides for a great experience for you all. The timetable is below:

2013 Winter Tour Fan Club Pre-Sale Schedule

Fan Club Tickets –TSO Fan Club Tickets will go on sale:
-Wednesday, September 4th 10AM Local Time for all shows Nov. 13-30
-Thursday September 5th 10AM Local Time for all shows Dec. 1-Dec. 15th
-Friday September 6th 10AM Local Time for all shows Dec 16th-30th

You must be registered for to be eligible for the Fan Club Pre-Sale. If you are already registered for Trans-Siberian Express (TSE), there is no need to register again. If your login has certain special characters (%$*#) you should re-register, without the special characters.

After you pick the date you would like to attend you will be asked to sign in a second time. You will have to re-enter your TSE info as a registered customer. You DO NOT have to create a new account; your regular TSE username and password will suffice.

As per usual the ticket limit will be 8 tickets per show.

Only tickets at the top price level will be available during the Fan Club Pre-Sale; we have tried to provide the best seats available for the Fan Club.

For those of you who are looking to buy more than 8 tickets for a single show please email us at Please be aware that any group sales seat locations will not be as good as what you are used to getting through our normal Fan Club Pre-Sale. We are offering this as an option for fan club members who have requested that they be able to purchase more than 8 Tickets and sit together.

Stay tuned for more news and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

The TSO Team