Hello TSO Fans!

Thanks to you over the past few years the demand for TSO Fan Club Tickets has exploded and TSO wants to do all they can to keep the best tickets in the hands of our true fans (and not the scalpers).

At the end of this month TSO is going to unveil a new TSO Community. This will be a place for the REAL TSO FANS to come hang out, meet other TSO fans, chat with your friends, post videos and get the inside scoop on what's going on.

This year we have gotten THE BEST tickets in the venue for the Fan Club and we are trying a new system to get the tickets to you and to shut out scalpers. Once you sign up for the community you will get a unique password that will enable you to order tickets for the shows of your choice.

The Premium seating we are offering to the Fan Club will be a bit more than regular priced seats but they are the best in the house. Understanding the current conditions in our economy, we will also be offering special deals that will allow you to see TSO for cheaper than ever before. Those will be available during the regular on-sale.

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