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Haley Bishop
I love the Trans Siberian orchestra!! It is one of my favorites.
19 March 2014

Maria Lind
Your show is fantastic.my grandaughter can not wait to see another performance
11 March 2014

Anke Gängler
THANK YOU FOR THIS GORGEOUS SHOW IN BERLIN! It will be my best event in 2014 !!!
26 January 2014

Saw TSO on the 15th in Stuttgart, Germany. You guys are fantastic. As a long time Savatage fan who unfortunately never had the chance to see them in concert I was really glad to finally hear songs like "All that I bleed" on stage. A big hand to your new singer (didn't catch his name) who performed Gutter Ballet and All that I bleed. You are absolutely brilliant! Enjoy the rest of the tour and be back as soon as possible. Cheers to all
17 January 2014

Birgit, Karsten and Felix
Dear All, once again an overwelming show in Stuttgart, Germany last night. We realy do appreciate your second visit in Europe and looking to seeing you again. Keep your classical rock performance going and enjoy your breathtaking presence Europe. BKF
16 January 2014

T.S.O is not only a great band in show and in person they really are about the fans and not about money or egos.been going since they first started touring and will continue to go every year it became a family tradition and will always be thanks T.S.O.
15 January 2014

Dave Meades
Traveled all the way to London to see you guys even thou I had a Spiral fracture on my Ankle that was still healing and ohh man it was so worth it. You Rocked the house, from the Opening Chord to the end of Christmas Eve / Sarajevo. It was a Fantastic night and I cant wait for you to come back.
12 January 2014

Shirl R. Pilote
9 January 2014

Rob Bosma
I just ordered tickets for your show in Amserdam. I am really looking forward to see the show. So glad you come and play.
7 January 2014

Best stage show ever I have seen in Seattle and believe me I have seen Queen, the Who , Rolling Stones and other top bands and TSO was the best stage show so far, absolutely brilliant
5 January 2014

jack meeks
hey TSO. saw you in hersey 2013. The best concert/performance ever.
2 January 2014

as usual, an awesome show.a repeat offender, the show keeps getting better and better. Already making plans for next year.
31 December 2013

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was my very first concert I have ever seen! I absolutely love you guys, EVERYONE in the band is amazing. and I think its awesome you donate to charities. oh every pick I get, gets used and never collects dust. thank you.
28 December 2013

Mitchell and Diane
In a word: BREATHTAKING! In two words: AMAZING! We had a TERRIFIC time! 7th year in a row and already looking forward to next year at The Palace of Auburn Hills.
28 December 2013

Daniel Henderson
just saw you in Columbus, Ohio. They were awesome!
27 December 2013

Billy O'Bong
Awesome show at Nassau Coliseum Friday night! Rob Evan is da' bomb!
23 December 2013

rick rodgers, great plains guitars
I am a huge fan. I saw Al Pireli's interview with on tour monthly and was impressed with his humbleness. I was at one of your concerts in Council Bluffs Ia in 2009, and what impressed me the most, aside from the show, was the young boy who you brought up on stage, and gave one of your guitars to at the end. You definitely made his Christmas. Thank you for the music, friendship, and the kidness you show to all of your fans. You truly are one of the greatest groups of all times.
23 December 2013

Jerry White
Just saw the 2013 Lost Christmas Eve show at Philadelphia, PA. This was the most incredible show I've ever seen. Being a 40 year old musician myself, I have been to alot of concerts. The musicianship, lighting, effects/pyro, sound quality blows away any other concert you can think of. An amazing 2 1/2 hours of pure music and worth every penny. There is no doubt my family & I will be booking tickets for next year. Take your kids & family, you won't regret it. Great work TSO - see you next year!
23 December 2013

GREAT show last night in KC!! Our favorite TSO show ever and we've not missed a show for 10 years! Thanks!
23 December 2013

You guys are the best and I cant wait to see you guys tonight in Oklahoma City.
21 December 2013

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